Palisades Nevada – The Deadliest Town in the West

Reminiscent of dramedy westerns like Silverado and Cat Ballou, Palisades is based on an unlikely but true tale. A dying mining town in the old west hits on the idea of bringing tourism to town by staging gunfights and Indian raids.

Carson Barnes, rancher and ex-cavalryman reluctantly goes along with the deceptions in order to help Sarah the innkeeper, keep her hotel. When Carson humiliates a reporter from San Francisco, publicity about the gunfights reaches from coast to coast. The deception takes hold, and its all fun and games until the President sends in the Ninth Cavalry.

The dashing young Captain takes an interest in Sarah, and Carson struggles to keep the Captain away from Sarah, and the Buffalo Soldiers away from the Shoshone. When the reporter returns, intent on getting the truth, he shoots down a local Shoshone during a mock Indian battle. 

Convinced things have gotten out of hand; Carson tries to end the charade by facing the Captain in one final duel on Main Street, at high noon. Winner takes all.

Perched at the moment in time when the old west is about to become the “Wild West” of stage and film, Palisades explores the topics of race relations, tolerance and redemption. Suitable for the whole family, it is humorous, touching and full of “Wild West” action. 

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