Here’s where you’ll find links to various multi-media downloads and videos. This includes my own YouTube videos, Graphic Novel promotions, Radio and Television interviews that I’ve done that are hosted online.



First, I’d like to plug my work with Nu-Classic Films, and my partnership with Director and Author Gary Watson of Human FIlms.  I co wrote the Graphic Novel series, “AFTER TWILIGHT”, with Gary and Sandra Yates.  Clicking on the cover of Issue #2 – should take you to a nice video describing the journey from short film, to feature script, to graphic novel series… and back again!

“After Twilight” Cover work for Issue #2 After Twilight Issue TwoVideo Clip about the journey from script to screen to graphic novel for  “After Twilight”


The “After Twilight” series is available to purchase directly  from the digital comics site,


“American Jouster”

I still have a limited number of DVDs  of my award winning documentary “American Jouster” for sale. To view my ‘Director’s Statement’ on the doc, click the poster image below.

American Jouster Promotional Poster

American Jouster was the first documentary to examine the motivations and lifestyles of modern day knights who live a life of pain and glory on the road.


The documentary covers three different jousting companies, performing at three separate Renaissance Festivals during the course of a year. The video reveals how the companies structure their performances and what goes into training their horses, squires and fellow knights.

Amjo-Breck-Float-WebThe dangers of performance, the trials and tribulations of a life on the road, the difficulties of family life and the close knit bonds that hold these men and women together are explored through personal interviews, backstage rehearsals and performance footage.

AmJo-Dist I was able to bring my unique experience as both a film maker and a jouster to the project, allowing me to capture an intimate look inside the lives of the men and women who strap on the harness of medieval tournament, display the heraldry of an age gone by, and live a life a life of courage and chivalry.  DVD copies are still available. The price is $25 including shipping in the US. Foreign costs will be higher. Contact me via email to order your copy.

This Link takes you to an NPR Interview with Host JACKIE LYDEN

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