These are the few of my screenplays currently available for option. Contact me for more information or to request a PDF file with release. You can click on the links to the right, under ‘Screenplays’ and view more info on each.

“Palisades” – Western/Action/Dramedy (Mid budget, multi-cultural)

“Epsilon Echo” – Thriller/Suspense (Low budget, limited location, FEMALE lead.)PLATINUM REMI Award at Worldfest Houston. Top Finalist in ULTIMATE THRILLER Competition.  Finalist in the ARTEMIS Women in Film Contest.

“Walking Wounded” –  Thriller/Suspense (Low budget, limited location) Silver Remi Award, WORLDFEST HOUSTON, Austin Film Festival top 10%

“Chaos Chained” – Sci-Fi/Thriller (Low budget, limited location) Co-written with Travis Alvarez.To be shot on set with four rooms and hallway. Austin Film Festival top 10%

“Don Q” – Drama/Dramedy (Medium/High budget,some FX) Top Ten Finalist Cinequest, Semi Finalist BlueCat Felini, Finalist Yellowstone Film Fest, Austin Film Festival top 10%, Table Read My Screenplay – Honorable Mention

“Yearbook” – Romantic Comedy (Low/Medium budget) Bronze Remi Award WORLDFEST CHARLESTON, Austin Film Festival top 10%,

“Christmas Closet” – Family/Holiday (Medium budget) Platinum Remi Award WORLDFEST HOUSTON, Austin Film Festival top 10%

“Champions” – Action/Thriller/Sci-Fi (Medium budget, some talent interested) Bronze Remi Award WORLDFEST HOUSTON, Austin Film Festival top 10%

“After Twilight” – Sci-Fi/Thriller (Mid-High Budget) Feature script based on award winning short film and now available as a Graphic Novel series. Co-Written with Gary Watson, Sandra Yates.

“Knight’s Bridge” – Action/Fantasy (Low budget, limited location) Armored ‘fantasy’ setting in the woods, with a bridge. Lots of combat. Quarter-finalist. China-Hollywood Screenwriting Fellowship Competition 2018

“The Man in the Linen Sheet” – Sci-Fi/Thriller (Low to Mid Budget, Some FX) Script that examines the intersection of faith and quantum theory.

 “Pryour Justice” –  Period Swashbuckler (Mid to High Budget) – 17th Century Swashbuckling Epic. Strong Male and FEMALE leads.

Click on the links to the right to see the pages and view loglines and synopsis.

All scripts copyright Richard P. Alvarez – and registered with the Writers Guild of America West

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