Richard P. Alvarez – is a Texas based filmmaker who began his professional career in 1974 as a television cameraman. He broadened his media experience by working as a newscaster and on-air announcer at a major market radio station, where he often wrote news and ad copy.

As a theatrical producer, he owned and operated a professional jousting troupe of more than a dozen men and horses. International Action Theatre toured the US for over a decade producing theatrical extravaganzas for theme parks, conventions and events. Richard has utilized his professional skills as a fight choreographer and stunt coordinator on various short and feature film projects.

Throughout his professional tenure in Radio, Television, Theatre and Film – Richard pursued a parallel interest in historical European martial arts. Classical fencing was his first love, starting at the University of Houston with Maitre Claude Caux. He followed that love to the American Fencing Academy at Cornell University, where he studied with Maitre Jean-Jaques Gillet.  Thereafter he traveled to Paris, France where he studied with esteemed classical masters such as Pierre Lacaze and Robert Heddle-Roboth. On his return from Paris, at the invitation of US Olympic Fencing coach Michele Sebastiani – Richard taught foil and saber at Sebastiani’s Fencing Salle in Houston,Texas. He received his Classical Maitre D’Armes certification from Maitre Adam Crown, and has coached classical fencing at numerous high schools and universities over the years. He continues to give instructions in classical fencing, mounted combat and jousting to select students.

In 1985, Richard wrote, produced and starred in his first short film “Half Of Everything” which went on to win a Bronze Remi Award at WorldFest Houston Int. Film Festival.

Richard P. Alvarez

Richard P. Alvarez

His documentary “American Jouster” premiered at the Breckenridge Film Festival. The first film to examine the lifestyles and motivations of modern day ‘knights’ who make their living on the road, it went on to garner awards and was screened on the PBS “Video I” series.

Richard’s feature scripts have won awards at festivals across the US, and regularly place him in the ‘top ten percent’ at Austin’s Film Festival. He has previously optioned five of his award winning feature scripts.

Richard is Co-Author of the graphic novel series “After Twilight”. This six-issue comic is based on the award winning short of the same name. The feature script for the series is in pre-production with Human Films. He maintains a working relationship as a staff writer with Nu-Classic Films in Houston, Texas.

Currently, Richard freelances as a writer and director in the Corpus Christi Bay Area. He enjoys working on issue documentaries, short films and doing occasional voice-over work for commercials.


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