“Walking Wounded”

Walking Wounded

In the tradition of such classic ‘noir’ thrillers as “LEON;The Professional”, “The Bad Seed” and “Hard Candy” – “Walking Wounded” is a tale of chance encounters, twisted perversions, violent crime  and a malevolent innocence.  Set primarily in a rural farmhouse with brief scenes in a convenience store, thrift store and ‘the road’, it features a cast of five principals, which can be a multi-racial cast. It is a low-budget, ‘contained’ thriller.

When a disabled vet picks up a young mother and daughter late one night, he opens the door to more than a pair of disturbed hitchhikers; he picks up their sordid past as well. No good deed goes unpunished as the wrath of her pimp and the dark secrets of the past catch up to the present in a perfect storm of clashing psyches on a cold Texas night. 

SILVER REMI AWARD WorldFest Houston 2013  ~ “Walking Wounded” is a screenplay that dares to explore such controversial topics as the dark side of sexual domination, post traumatic stress disorder, and the cycle of child abuse. Instead of utilizing the horror effects of gore and blood for shock value, “Walking Wounded” relies on the Hitchcockian horror of the monsters that walk among us. The type that can imprison and abuse a young woman for years. “Walking Wounded” is an edgy script with daring topics that push the boundaries of contemporary cinema.


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