Set ten years into the future, when trial by combat is a legal form of ‘arbitration’ CHAMPIONS is a ‘future-noir’ action tale that takes the logical evolution of the reality-show trend to its inevitable but brutal conclusion. 

CHAMPIONS ranked in the top 10% at AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL, and took a Bronze Remi Award at Worldfest Houston Intl. Film Festival. CHAMPIONS is a character-driven SciFi/Thriller that incorporates an investigative sexual-thriller element with scenes of intense personal combat. The climax of the film centers on a rapier and dagger duel, but the CHAMPIONS of this world must be proficient in ALL forms of personal combat – in short MIXED MARTIAL ARTISTS. One contest judge declared it “The People’s Court meets American Gladiators!”.

In a future where trial by combat is once again legal – a former attorney turned ‘Champion’ issues a challenge to face the husband of his past love. As the confrontation nears and the old flame is rekindled, he struggles to discover if his cause is truly just. “Justice is a double edged sword”