“The Man in the Linen Sheet”

“The Man in the Linen Sheet” is a speculative SciFi piece with a spiritual twist on the current interest in spirituality and quantum mechanics, the Higgs Boson and ‘The Field”.

“To save the only woman he has ever loved, Andrew Everett must choose between a universe of science, or one of miracles.”

The concept was inspired by an actual passage in the Bible that might hint at time travel. The script is an unconventional thriller with a love story featuring two leads on opposite sides of the issue of faith. “The Man in the Linen Sheet” is set in the present day and is character driven with a retro feel to it like the early Twilight Zone episodes.

A brilliant young physicist fights for control of his matter-transfer gate. The gate’s hidden powers afford a link to time-travel, and a chance to prove if God is real. When his beautiful lab partner is murdered, he must choose between a universe of science, or one of miracles. S

ANDREW EVERETT – Brilliant young physicist employed by Texas Systems, is faced with a looming deadline; Perfect his Matter-Transfer gate or lose the patent rights to his core technology. He accepts the aid of fellow scientist, ELIZABETH HALLEY, a beautiful and deeply spiritual co-worker. Their opposing views on faith only serve to spark their creativity and together, they perfect the transporter.

Inspired by a long lost summer of love, Elizabeth chooses Paris as the first objective for the gateway. But on a trial run, they are trapped across the ocean by the head of Research and Development, HECTOR SALINAS, and C.E.O of Texas Systems, KAYCE PORTER who have their own dark plans for using Andrew’s technology.

Against her best judgment, Elizabeth consummates her love for Andrew in Paris, and they make plans to go public with their discovery upon their return. Hector and Kayce meanwhile, frustrated by their attempts to unlock Andrew’s technology, decide to turn Elizabeth against Andrew.

When the couple return from their trip Elizabeth has regrets about her impulsive action and tries to distance herself from Andrew. 

Inspired by his love for Elizabeth, but frustrated by their conflicting views, Andrew discovers an unexpected power of the gate – TIME TRAVEL. In an effort to regain her love and to prove for himself if her faith is founded in fact or fiction – He wraps himself in a linen sheet and enters biblical history.

Seizing on her rift with Andrew, Kayce and Hector trick Elizabeth into revealing the gate’s programming, and push her through the portal to drown in the middle of the Pacific. They frame Andrew for sabotage and murder, forcing him to flee for his life.  

Andrew faces a Pandora’s box of time paradoxes. Can he save the only woman he has ever loved from the technology he created? Is the key to his success, hidden in a mysterious passage from the Bible? It will take a leap of faith, through a quantum gate for THE MAN IN THE LINEN SHEET.