SHORT Scripts

I’ve created this sub-heading to list my short scripts. If you’re looking for something that can be shot in a weekend, or something with some more complicated staging to cut your production teeth on – here’s where you find some inspiration.

Some of these were crafted from my short stories – some created from their inception as short films. Ranging from five pages to thirty – there’s something here for everyone.


ONE SHOT – Thriller – Limited location  – 14 pages

OPTIONED  Slated for production February 2019

A hired assassin has one shot to get it right.  He never expected to choose between the lady or the tiger.

Protagonist – Hitman

Goal – Kill stoolie before he can testify

Antagonist Force – His moral code

TAGLINE – A hit man, a girl and a stoolie.


LIMBO – Comic Thriller – Limited Location –  (CoWriter Travis Alvarez) 19 pages

A pair of slackers move into their first apartment and begin to suspect they’re not alone.  Can the phantom tenant motivate the gamers to level up into adulthood? 

Protagonist – Two college slackers

Goal – Avoid responsibility

Antagonistic Force – Mysterious tenant/Adulthood

TAGLINE – What does it take to level up in life?


RED COURT – Near Future/Action – Single location (Theatre) 21 pages

In the near future “Arbitrators’ face each other in saber duels for first blood – When you need a lawyer, you’ll call a “Champion”. 

Protagonist – Lawyer turned Champion

Goal – Defeat opponent to win the law suit

Antagonistic Force – Opponent/System

TAGLINE – “Justice is a Double Edged Sword”

A MidWinter’s Noir

MIDWINTER’S NOIR – Dramedy/Mystery – 5 pages

Homage to noir in classic voice-over tradition. Complete with Gumshoe, Femme Fatale and a twist.

Protagonist – Private Eye

Goal – Hook a client

Antagonist – Femme Fatale

TAGLINE –  The more things change …


THE MASTER’S FEE – Period/Action – Single location– 5 pages

In an 18th century fencing salon, a Master sets forth the absurd conditions and fee for learning his skills.  Is there anyone willing to pay the price?

Protagonist – Fencing Master

Goal – Acquire a class of dedicated students

Antagonist – Spoiled Rich Dandy

TAGLINE – In the blade, there is truth.


HALF OF EVERYTHING – Period/Action – 12 pages


No honor among thieves as the “Frenchman” spends his ill-gotten gains at the notorious Crimson Clover Tavern. He awakes in the morning to find his partner, hot on his heels.

Protagonist – French scoundrel/swordsman

Goal – Keep the money, live large

Antagonistic force – Spanish partner

TAGLINE –  Why settle for half of everything?