You’re never to old to come of age


YEARBOOK – A middle aged, philandering fashion photographer finds an inscription of love in his long lost High School yearbook.  Aided by his best friend, he begins a search for the mysterious author “C. N.” and a last chance for a lasting relationship



Fashion photographer TREY PIERSON (43) loses his job, apartment and girlfriend all in one day. While packing his things, he discovers a cryptic inscription in his long lost high school yearbook.

‘…Beware of finding yourself on top of the world; the fall downward could dim your stars beyond seeing. But should that happen, know with certainty, there is someone willing to help you pick up the pieces. Love Waits – C.N.’
Urged on by his best friend, LUCY FLOWERS, (42,Asian) and his Jazz-musician buddy DON LANDERS (43, African-American), Trey begins a humorous search for the mysterious author “C.N.” In a series of ‘then and now’ moments Trey wonders –

Could C.N. be the mousy assistant librarian who once headed the Christian Crusaders? With Lucy’s help, Trey tracks her down, only to find she now owns a Male Strip Club!

Is `C.N.’ the girl voted most beautiful senior? Trey’s quest leads him to a thrice-married self help junkie – intent on pushing Trey ‘out of his box’ with new age therapy.

The bittersweet flashbacks and present-day encounters encourage Trey to re-examine his choices in life, including the possibility that `C.N.’ could be a male.

About to abandon the search, Trey, receives an invitation to the Jackson High 25 year Reunion. Lucy convinces Trey to make one more attempt ‘for the sake of ‘true love’.

At the reunion – in a blinding rush of suppressed hormones, Trey and cheerleader COLLEEN NORWOOD consummate a teen-age fantasy. All they have to do now is tell her husband, the former star quarterback.

But Don is not certain Trey has found the right `C.N.’. At the reunion dance, he races the clock to collect handwriting samples, as Trey and Colleen plot their Mexican getaway. Lucy meanwhile, is beginning to fear her efforts will result in the loss of her best friend – and secret love.

Will Trey succumb to a second round of puberty? Will he discover the real `C.N.’?

In a surprise twist ending, he finds that – Love Waits.



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