Back in the saddle again

Riding in New Jersey

Riding in New Jersey

It has been over a year since I’ve updated my website. I can only offer the usual excuse, “Life happens”.  Last year was very busy, full of major life changes. To top it off, most of it was spent on the road – directing and performing medieval jousts once again for Noble Cause Productions.

In the middle of all that – I turned sixty and optioned a screenplay.

I’d like to say I simply didn’t  have the time to write. Or that I wasn’t in a place where access to the internet was cheap and easy. (Though often that was the case.) Instead, what I’m forced to admit is that FACEBOOK is the great carnivore of my creativity.

I love it because it allows me to feel connected to lots of friends and family scattered across the globe. It’s great to get updates about  things both important and trivial that occur in the lives of my loved ones.

And it’s all too easy to post a quick photo – and dash off a clever paragraph or two about  something important or amusing that has just occurred in my own life. A quick hit of “ENTER” – and I’m likely to have a ‘Like” in a minute or two – sometimes a good long stream of comments and suggestions might follow. On the rare occasion – even an exchange of points of view, without name calling.  For someone who is a performer at heart – having a response of any kind from an invisible audience is all too addicting, I’m ashamed to admit.

But it has also become a place for long diatribes on political topics, and endless rants about cultural mores. It wearies me. Sure, I don’t always agree with the viewpoints espoused by some of my family members or friends – but I find myself pausing before responding. Asking myself, “Do I really want to engage in ‘slow motion’ dialog where nuance and subtlety of tone will be lost? Do I want to spend my day – checking back to see if my point has been made… to see if I’ve changed someone’s mind – or been misunderstood?” No. It is, as I say, a carnivore of time. Time I could spend creating something more lasting and creative. A new book. A new screenplay. Or even rewriting an old one.

Which brings me to the point of this post. I’m hoping to reboot this website. I plan on posting longer pieces here. I’ll soon be embarking on the creation of my first feature film. I hope to write updates while on the set and post them here. I’ll also blog a bit about the events of last year – the jousting and the festivals, the move from California to Texas and back.  It’s my hope that utilizing THIS space for my blogging – will force me to discipline myself, and be more thoughtful about my efforts. The same way shooting with film forces oneself to compose images more carefully than shooting digitally.

Plus, it’s a new year. So there’s that.

Watch this space.

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